Legal and Financial Assistance

Financial and legal advice for business setup

Entrepreneurs face many legal challenges when starting a business. From writing a business plan, to determining which corporate structure is best and scraping together enough money to file the appropriate documents, starting a business is easier said than done. With attorneys charging as much $750/hr. to set up a business, and online legal documentation services like offering so many options that it's difficult to know where to begin, what's a confused and strapped-for-cash entrepreneur to do?

MT5Services provide company formation and management services in different jurisdictions, globally. Technology has changed every aspect of the way any business operates and never before in history has that change occurred so fast. Operational agility is most essential in order to keep up with the speed of change and need to pivot across all areas of business. Although we are focused on our core services, today we must recognize that MT5Services has not identified itself as being limited as a corporate service provider, but rather an online business service provider. We have rapidly expanded from a single company to a group of companies engaged in online business services. We have clients in over 60 countries.

Our main goal remains to offer user-friendly company formation and management services by spreading our knowledge and expertise through all possible means. Our progressive thinking and creative approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd.

We look upon future opportunities with excitement and we promise to keep delivering a superior and consistent service to our customers.