CRM - Backend

An effective CRM is the lifeblood of any retail brokerage.

MT5Services gives you the most comprehensive and customize CRM available today to fill all your business needs, manage your clients and stuff in the best way in order to maximize your brand capabilities. 

• All important information on the dashboard.
• Allow you to manage your leads from variety of campaigns.
• All the risk tools under your hands with the supervision of our risk desk.
• Over 40 alerts and pop ups right into the CRM.
• Integration with your payment method.
• Billing System.
• Affiliate System.
• Analysis and Reporting System.
• Multi-currency and language.
• Detailed client card.
• Create promotion and users straight from the CRM without any interference.
• CMS under your control to edit your website with hundreds of tools available.
• Auto Notification to the operator for any event.
• Push Notification to clients (Multi) – email, private messaging, chat, pop-up.
• Customizable permissions for your brand stuff.
• Customize reports.

We have hundreds of implementation more into the back office, all of them come to insure the best and easiest way to make you top leading brokerage.

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